Month: July 2021

Analysing the East Japan Great Earthquake through the PAR model

Japan has always been known as one of the countries most likely to experience geological disasters. The Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 highlighted how Japan, with its resources, training and technology achievements, is not infallible when it comes to earthquake and tsunami preparation. I will analyse, through the PAR model, the causes…

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Exoplanets hunters: a brief history of space missions

In recent years, researchers focused on the search and study of exoplanets, planets that orbit a star other than the Sun. All eyes are on celestial bodies in the habitable belt, at a distance from the star that allows water to remain liquid on the planet’s surface. Among all the known exoplanets, those…

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Reflecting on the Moon: magic, divine and natural harmony

I have observed the Moon since I was a little girl, and always fantasized on it. The Moon seemed like a magic, guiding and protecting entity. I’ve also been a huge Sailor Moon fan ever since, and that’s probably were my love for the universe started. When I found myself away from home…

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Music of stars: Tanabata, a love in the summer night sky

The Japanese Tanabata is a legend of stars and love under the summer night sky: let’s explore how people in modern Japan approach this myth through the song Summer Tears Diary. The legend of Tanabata Born in China, the legend of Tanabata became common in the Japanese court only after the Heian period…

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