Bloomy Blaze is like a peony fiery blooming under the summer sky. It seems a contradiction, to have something delicate and innocent like a flower drawn close to a flame. That flame is what lights my spirit, burning bright to light the way to independence and knowledge, filling the world with beautiful flowers along the way. Every flower is a lesson learnt, a person met, a goal reached.

I love when I can discover new things and so far those I fell in love with were Japan, disasters and space. This is the place for disasters analysis, cultural astronomy and space exploration. What I like most about these topics is how versatile they are, allowing me to dive into various disciplines. I write about Japan on my other blog Elle Of A Kind, that has the same ‘ring’ to it that Bloomy Blaze has.

I wouldn’t want to read a blog of this type without knowing the writer’s background, so here it is in a nutshell (and if you’re interested in the broader cv, come say hi on LinkedIn):

  • Degree in civil engineering and master in risk, disaster and environmental management.
  • Certificate in aviation management. Just finished a PG in planetary sciences. Considering a PhD.
  • Graduated from liceo classico, studied myths and cultural astronomy.
  • 4+ years of experience as disaster responder and 7+ in content creation.
  • Former spacecraft controller at the European Space Agency.

As I’m also interested in the history of aeronautics, I studied aerospace engineering, human factors in aviation and history of aeronautics.

You’ll always find sources on my posts and let me know if there are mistakes of any type. These will be ready to either download or purchase (you may need an account to access them on digital libraries websites).

Remember, as my professor in planetary sciences says, science is ever evolving. Questioning things is good both for your brain and for society.

Enjoy your time here!