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Sun Goddesses: Amaterasu vs Demeter

There is often a similarity in myths produced by different cultures, and since we just got an eclipse today, here’s a little comparison between the Japanese and Greek Sun goddesses, Amaterasu and Demeter. The Japanese and Greek myths The two myths about the disappearance of the sun present in the classical Greek and…

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Reflecting on the Moon: magic, divine and natural harmony

I have observed the Moon since I was a little girl, and always fantasized on it. The Moon seemed like a magic, guiding and protecting entity. I’ve also been a huge Sailor Moon fan ever since, and that’s probably were my love for the universe started. When I found myself away from home…

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Music of stars: Tanabata, a love in the summer night sky

The Japanese Tanabata is a legend of stars and love under the summer night sky: let’s explore how people in modern Japan approach this myth through the song Summer Tears Diary. The legend of Tanabata Born in China, the legend of Tanabata became common in the Japanese court only after the Heian period…

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